About DCCS Australia

Smart businesses need the most reliable hardware, and an overall solution which delivers a fast return on investment with significant, ongoing operational savings.

DCCS Australia delivers innovative and revolutionary solutions, changing the face and the bottom line of your business through dependable partners, reliable components and service excellence.

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  • DCCS Australia is the market leader in delivering innovative, high-tech, automated solutions to businesses facing challenges posed by the management of large textile assets, such as uniforms, linen and general garments.
  • Our success is based upon the recognition and acceptance of the responsibility to deliver more than just a product, but a fully implemented, bespoke solution which provides our client’s businesses with real cost savings, visibility and huge efficiency gains.
  • All of our relationships with our clients begin with a comprehensive analysis of their operation. We are forever mindful that our clients work in an environment of tough competition with increasing costs and reduced margins.
  • We believe through cultivating strong relationships with our clients and understanding there business, we are better able to fully meet their needs and bring together the partners, services and products to build a total solution to better service their customer base.