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Welcome to DCCS Australia!

For over 30 years, DCCS Australia has been the trusted provider of Dry Cleaning Software, Technology, POS solutions, and after-sales service to the Dry Cleaning and Textile industries in Australia.

We are a Melbourne-founded and based family dedicated to introducing automation, innovation, and communication into your business, taking it to pioneering levels and transforming the dry-cleaning industry throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Collaborate with DCCS Australia to transform your business. Our world-class systems and solutions have helped numerous hospitality, health, and laundry clients achieve improved productivity, efficiency, and income. Join our satisfied customers who have witnessed remarkable growth and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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Why Choose DCCS Australia?

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Advanced Solutions:

Our methods of doing business are designed to change the way you operate while positively impacting your income and profit margins. Experience the power of automation and innovation with our revolutionary solutions.


Tailored for Your Business:

Regardless of your business size or setting, our solutions are designed to suit any organization managing small, medium to large-scale textile assets or unique garments. We work closely with you to devise a solution that delivers the desired outcomes for your business.

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Industry-Leading Brands:

We have partnered with renowned brands like Metalprogetti, InvoTech, Positek, and WestVic, offering cutting-edge solutions in automated conveyor systems, asset management software, RFID tags, and PieceCounters. These solutions optimize your operations and enhance productivity.

“Our large casino client has been very impressed with the product they are now getting from us and have been in several times to view our new equipment.” Nicholas Brunton, Director, Sparkle
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