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DCCS Australia Technical support 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Support team pictured above from Left to Right: Di Robinson, Brad Liesfield, Willian Huynh, Robert Gross. موقع 365 سبورت

With our round the clock coverage the Helpdesk team at DCCS Australia is always there to solve any IT/support problems you may have. Our customers have multiple avenues by which they can contact our Helpdesk team for assistance but most common are:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Online Chat


  • Increase Productivity of Your staff – Have an expert team of technical experts to get you up and running sooner
  • Improve Operational Efficiency – if you have any technology issues our staff can get you back up and running quick smart. Our team is focused on responding quickly to ensure your issues can be planned and solved in a timely, thorough and professional manner
  • Long Term Benefits – By using a team dedicated to improving your IT environment, you will ensure the eradication of the common ‘band aid’ style approach and promote movement towards long term solutions instead, a positive offshoot of which is the knowledge imparted to your staff on the best practice methods when dealing with technology
  • Improve Staff Morale – Customer Service is a focus with a feedback loop to ensure 100% satisfaction at the conclusion of every job to give your staff a friendly approachable person to guide them effortlessly through their technological problem

Real Life Case Study

One of our customers last week was hit by a ransomware virus. They discovered the virus when they tried to start up on Monday morning.

They were advised by us and their technician to turn their computers off, treat them as compromised, and to get a new computer. تنزيل العاب اون لاين

Once they got a computer up and online around 11am, we connected in, checked their backup flash drive, and grabbed the latest information. كيف تلعب بوكر

We installed DCCS Australia, checked their printers, found they couldn’t connect the old printer to the new computer, and so organised with them to get a printer tested and shipped up via express post.

We got the system installed, upgraded and running by 4pm the next day