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Do you know how well your vehicle fleet is being utilised?

If you’re running a fleet, you already know that it is one of your most significant business expenses, so you want to make sure you’re utilising it to capacity. bet365 arab Whether you own your fleet or lease it, there are substantial savings to be made by merely knowing how your fleet is being used.

Effectively manage your Vehicle and Delivery Vans with DCCS Australia Fleet Management. Seamlessly integrated Fleet Management with the DCCS POS system managing scheduling, routing and customer pickup and delivery business processes.

Using Fleetsu allows our customers to quickly and easily create a utilisation profile of their fleet and start seeing where under utilisation of fleet can either be improved or used to make decisions on reducing the fleet size, enhance driver safety in the workplace, provide real-time vehicle positioning information, and, improve overall utilisation of Fleet assets.

At the end of the day the Fleetsu customer base typically reduces their fleet costs by on average 6-8% per annum

Save money, time and effort!!