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Australian First -fully automated garment retrieval system -Automatic Self loading

The new system supports the Adelaide Convention Centre business goals through better flow and presentation of garments. They needed a system which could manage and dispense garments for employees as they came to work. This system reduces labour and provides 100 per cent control of uniform inventory and security of garments. العاب الربح من الانترنت Whether the employee is a full time worker with assigned garments or whether they are a contractor they can go to the gate – Enter their ID and it will show the garments styles they need for their shift. They simply choose the garments they want – eg. pants, shirt and the system will deliver the garments in their size to the gate in most cases in less than 20 seconds.



The challenge:
The first Metalprogetti b2k system ever installed in Australia. We had a small area to store garments and we had to service three properties. Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide Entertainment Centre and Coopers Stadium. This meant that we had to Integrate with a rostering system that allows the uniform staff to be able to determine what garments are needed for the roster period, ensuring the correct amount of stock on the conveyor while ensuring the best use of available space.

The delivery:
Installed over in a short 2 weeks, the 2 distribution conveyors (2950 and 1900 slots) and 3 pickup gates were installed by the team at DCCS.

Metalprogetti worked tirelessly with DCCS to overcome the initial teething issues. Software tweaks and precision mechanical adjustment make the system work for both uniform staff and employees collecting garments at the gates.

The system offers a global saving not only on labour costs but also lost garments and related costs. مواقع الرهان على المباريات Where do the savings come from? The system runs 24hrs a days, 7 days a week. مراهنات التنس So there’s no need to have multiple uniform staff being available all this time to issue garments to contractors / casual staff. Autoloading of the conveyor using technology such as RFID identification to scan the Tag, the system determines where the item should go to best dispense for a person at the door. The system has 100% knowledge of which garment is on what slot and when it dispenses it knows exactly which item the staff have taken and to whom the garment is with.
They scan the RFID tags out to the laundry and when the garments come back they are autoloaded via the Metalprogetti B2K system and the new location on the conveyor is recorded. We then know it has come back from the dry cleaner and we can have a full audit of the garments movements.

Each garment is fully trackable which eliminates the loss of garments. Speed and efficiency is not sacrificed during garment delivery even at peak times.