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Master Dry Cleaners Albert Park

DCCS Australia installed a new fully automated assembly system with Automatic bagger and Invoice labeller as well as a garment storage/despatch conveyor system in Master Dry Cleaners Albert Park Melbourne

Project challenge
The biggest project challenges included fitting a system in a confined existing space. The system had to be designed to work within the existing structure and allow us to continue to serve customers. تنزيل اموال حقيقية This presented challenges during the installation of the system which was happening during their busiest business period at Albert Park.

The Delivery
The project involved three people for 2 weeks with the integration of Metalprogetti sorting, bagging and DCCS Australia dispatch systems for their Dry store and Delivery customers.

Net Result
The system assembles the work and makes no mistakes. The presentation to the customer is better and the counter experience is fantastic. لعبة الخيل عبر الانترنت Customers are amazed at how the machine pulls their orders off as it is moving and drops them to the counter. You need less staff and the results are consistently accurate and reliable.

Client feedback
David Hudson – Owner, Master Dry Cleaners
“Our new automated Metalprogetti garment conveyor system has taken our business to a new level.
The system we now have not only looks impressive but supports our business goals through better flow and presentation of garments and assembly of client orders with no mistakes. العاب الخيول The new system requires less staff to run which saves us money as well as allowing us more time to spend with our customers and upsell