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MyCleanPOS keeps your finger on the pulse of your business!

Feature Benefit MyCleanPOS
Overall Company, Operational, and, Performance reporting Access to company , store, station, process, employee drill through reporting at any level, over any time period, within the business checked
Accounts receivables and bulk invoicing system Sends groups of, or, batch invoices to customers and/or business accounts by invoice or batch of invoices checked
Customer reporting Assists business manager to evaluate business performance and when to focus on advertising and marketing campaigns targeting existing and new customers checked
Transactions report Contains information relating to a transaction and generates the record on a daily, weekly or monthly basis checked
Payments/Receipts report Enables viewing and export of all payments, customer, receipt , and payments information received on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to accounting software such as XERO, MYOB, or, Quickbooks checked
Cash Register report Records cash and credit totals. including opening and closing hours of the store. The report   displays total cash recorded versus the actual and the total amount receivable through credit card versus the actual checked
Bulk invoice and item processing reports Detailed information of transactions that are processed using bulk invoicing and item processing checked
Employees reporting Shows the employees productivity, orders placed, time recording over a selected time period checked