MyCleanPOS manages product, service,
and customer information!

Feature Benefit MyCleanPOS
Services Manage your sales by service and product categories
Printer support Support for multiple POS printers and print templates
PDF invoicing Ability to create and send PDF invoice for account customers
Pre-defined notes Ability to add pre-defined, customer notes quickly to the transaction
Park transactions Ability to leave transaction and come back to the transaction later
Bar-code scanning Includes searchable ID, search for products, as well as search for transactions. Supports all kinds of bar-code scanners
Heat seal labels or RFID tracking Garment tracking through entire production process
Contact groups Designed to group customers together under the same account the members (customers) of a certain group, it takes care of account customers by using a bar-code similar to Customer ID
Default due date/time offset in the register MyCleanPOS automatically sets the due date and time of the transaction without the hassle of entering a due date and time every time a transaction is made
Page templates Used for creating external pages like customer invoice, PDF invoices, or, payment pages in XERO
Online help pages Searchable inside the MyCleanPOS software
Multiple store support Easily add additional stores with customised pricelists, services, and products according to specifc store needs
Multiple register support Can add multiple registers within stores and in multiple locations
Multi-layout support To display your items on the Point Of Sale screen by product
Product/service search Easily search products and services on order creation at the Point Of Sale
Employee Time sheet Viewing all employee’s totals and adding manual entries as required
CSV file format Easy customer, product, service information import/export utilities
Attaching Photos to Transactions Easily attach photos (time stamped) to the transaction at the Point Of Sale noting condition of the garment associated to the specific customer (soon to be released)